Edit & Restauration

We work with some amazing tools to fix any audio problems you have or just if you need to make your sounds better. We can also use these tools to create new sounds (check "Deconstruct Sounds" example).

Spectral Repair

Spectral Repair is the key to discovering what your waveform won't show you. Using familiar drawing tools to identify and select problem frequencies and unwanted sounds. Spectral repair can be used to remove (or attenuate) certain unwanted sounds from recordings, such as squeaky chairs, coughs, dropped objects, mobile phones ringing, etc.

Ambient Match

This is an example of how I can extract the ambience from one track. In This case its a movie scene, where I extract all character voices leaving only the ambience so I can add it to another, or create a clean fill matching track.

Deconstruct Sounds

In this video I demostrate what can I do with this advance tool as great for sound design. I separate a old bell telephone vibration from the ring harmonics and clean both residual low noise and reverb tales.

Reverberation Removal

I show this video where use a Deverb module to eliminate that unwanted reverb produced by reverberant spaces. We reduce some of the reverb from a recorded space in order to make the dialogue useable.


Noise Removal

We can provides natural noise reduction with unparalleled clarity and control. We reduce and removes unwanted tonal and background noise quickly and easily from any type of recording, such as music, old recordings, home movies, production recordings, and more.

Dialogue Denoise

In Dialogue when unwanted background and ambient noise threaten the quality of dialogue recordings, we can replace the need for costly and time-consuming automated dialogue replacement (ADR) ensuring professional sounding results, every time.

Hum Remove

We remove electrical hum and line noise. With hum remove we automatically identifies the base frequency of unwanted hum, and precisely removes it from the recording along with harmonics ensuring a clean overall sound without electrical interference.


  • Speech enhance treatments: Removal of mouth clicks, plosive sounds and harsh "s" sounds
  • Mixing and leveling: Get a consistent audio level throughout a recording
  • Mastering: Get the correct loudness level for broadcasting on TV, online or other media