ready for your own sound?

We create and design your own sound bins or cinematic music for your game projects.

Sound Recorder

Voices, guitars, basses or maybe an ukelele or a violin. Record with a pro quality with a tube preamp and a profesional D/A interface.

Sound Design

Needs to create ambience, action sounds, effects, drone sounds, footsteps, simulate weapons? Tell us what you need.

Music Game Design

Music is everywhere, in the gameplay, in cinematics, in animatics, and also in the menu windows. Let us know what you need to transmite.

Edit & Restoration

Hum, distortion or noise in your recordings? No problem we have the necessary tools to fix it.

"Beautiful and realism sounds design from locations to middleware´s projects"

Build the Sound you want 

Composers are able to write correct cues so players can extend their experiences through a level in game. Composing music cues is an essential skill that all interactive music composers have.

Middleware help composers and sound designers build complex adaptive structures that works directly in the game.

Late Demo: Adaptive Music 2