Tools & Skills

Digital Audio Workstation: LOGIC PRO X

Logic Pro X is the central piece of my workflow where I desgin, mix and master every sound asset. Is one of the most standard Digital Audio Workstation. 

Sound Studio Equipment

I own high-end recording gear that allows me to record high quality, clean audio to use in any project. Equipment List

Audio Middleware: FMOD

Connects the game engine with the audio assets, providing rich, interactive and organic audio.

Audio Plugins

These enhancement tools allow me to get the most of every recording and sample. These allow me to process audio in numerous ways, like cleaning noise, altering pitch, enrich tone or just add interesting qualities to any sample (see Edit & Restauration examples). 

Sound Library Managment

A perfectly organized and labeled library allows me to find the right sound asset between thousands of samples. My collection includes libraries from SOUND IDEAS SOUNDS. Ideal for designing tailored sounds