Sound Design

Sound Design Services:

  • Videogame sound assets creation & integration
  • Middleware services: Adaptive music and dynamic systems (engines, foley, etc) with FMOD
  • Foley

Here are some examples

Fmod: Adaptive Music

Adaptive music is a concept to produce music that it adapts in real time to the action,  to a movement, to a environment or etc, that has interaction between what we do with the player and what we see on the screen when we play video games. The music can be adapted to several parameters: Time of the day, fear, intensity, performance, time, health, suspense, hints, distance, etc.

see old example...

Fmod: Ambient of War Zone

In this example we have three different sound design set in a zone of war warfare.  We have a parameter knob that defines the type of attack, it can be "far, close or around" as the player enter in more dangerous areas in the gameplay. 

In the game can be programmed so that to a specific district, the attack is one way or another. For example, when the distance from an enemy barracks is less than 100 meters the attack is Near.

Fmod: Ambient Forest

In this example we have ambient sound in the forest with strong wind and howls of puppies. We can appreciate a parameter called Rain which will vary according to the intensity of rain that is programmed in the game. When the rain is very intense we will hear the thunder and the leaves of the trees.

Fmod: Footsteps

In every game of style survival or shooter, the steps of the avatar are indispensable, since the variety of the sonorous design will make that emphasizes more the approach to the reality. In this example, I created an event that contains the sounds of the steps on different surfaces.