Sound Location

El Camino del Padre

A Slumber Film production, recorded in China in 2015 with Lin Yu as a producer. This short film was editing and mix in Barcelona. This film was recorded as a Ford advertisements purpose only for China region. 

Tells the story of a son trying to find the crystal clear water that his dead father used to collect to cook a good stock for his mother.


Palabras is a Slumber Film production, recorded in Figaro, Catalunya in 2015 with Lin Yu as a producer. It was a beautiful place where we decided to mix only with location sounds recorded.

Tells the story of a girl who climbs a mountain in search of a water source and away the best scenery and full of nature to follow one of Chinese traditions.

WuYou & ChenCi

This is short film intro of a real wedding video recorded in 2014 in Catalunya and produce by Lin Yu. WuYou & ChenCi are currently married in real life and they tell us how was the moment when they met.

FlashMob "Happy"

Realized by BCN ENGLISH CHOIR was recorded at rush hour in Barceloneta market in 2015. It was recorded in a single attempt with several wireless microphones and a portable amplifier for guitar, and to keep the rhythm.

El Entierro de Jose Luis Saguerem

El Entierro de Jose Luis Saguerem, is a short film produced by Helena Mariño recorded in Arguedas, Navarra in 2013. This short film was presented at the 1st contest of short films "Navarra tierra de Cine".

El Lugar que nos une

El Lugar que nos Une is a Slumber Film production, recorded in Barcelona in 2013 with Lin Yu as a producer. This short film was editing and mix in Barcelona. We apply dubbing voices and foley effects y sound production.

El Laberinto del Frenesí

The Lipstick (Teaser 1)

The Lipstick (Teaser 2)

Querida Carmen

Barcelona Ciudat Amiga


El Corazon del Jardinero


La Enana Marron